Rules of Mandir

General Guidelines For Use of Facilities provided by the Temple

Facilities provided by the Temple are open for use by those who support the mission of the Temple and abide by its Constitution, Rules and Regulations for social, cultural, educational and religious purposes.

One must agree to follow and abide by all the rules/guidelines listed below and the additional special rules/guidelines contained in the requisite form .

The following Rules & Regulations shall be observed at all times. 

Believe that temple is God’s residence and HE walks in the temple. All have the responsibility to preserve the holiness of the atmosphere which confers the joy of serving the Lord.

  1. Refrain from private conversations during service to God and during all prayers.
  2. No posters, announcements or advertisements shall be placed or displayed without prior permission from the Management. 
  3. Remove footwear and hand over them to the sevadaar at the  JutaGhar provided at the left side of the entrance of the Mandir or in front of the SatsangBhawan.
  4. No food and drink is allowed in the Mandir Hall.
  5. Only authorized and trained persons should use or fiddle with the PA system/ Electrical system.
  6. Parents shall supervise children at all times and make sure that children do not cause any disturbance or damage at the premises. 
  7. All activities shall be in keeping with the dignity and respect for the sanctity of a  holy place and according to Hindu traditions and rites.  
  8. No alcohol shall be brought into the premises of the Temple under any  circumstance.
  9. No Smoking, no chewing gum and no chewing of betel leaves (paan) inside the  Temple. 
  10. 10. All non-monetary items or donations require approval by the Temple’s Management Committee  prior to  being placed in the Temple’s premises.
  11. No Item should be  removed from Temple premises. No personal and household items should be left in the Temple premises. All items leftaway in the Temple either unsolicited or requested/donated shall be deemed to be owned by the Temple permanently and can be used, moved, sold or disposed or discarded a month after the item was left in the temple, alls under the absolute and unfettered authority of the Management. 
  12. Prasad can be served in the prayer hall. However, all other eatables must be served outside the  hall. 
  13. Only Satttvick (Non Garlic and non Onions) food can be served in the Mandir. 
  14. All users conducting the event must assume the legal liability and responsibility  on themselves. The Management of the temple itself will not under any circumstance whatsoever whatsoever arising be, responsible or liable for any injury or damage caused to or suffered by anyone at any time whilst at or around the Temple premises.
  15. Users must clean the premises after use and this includes the hall (if Used).
  16. Any trash or garbage generated during the activity must be properly disposed off and deposited in the trash bins provided. Conduct or behavior in and around the Temple not conforming to the sanctity of theTemple, the Hindu traditions and disturbing the devotees present or the community at large will not be tolerated at any time. Persons engaging in such activities will be dealt with at the  discretion of the Management.
  17. Rules and regulations framed by the Mandir Management and / or Government are required to be complied with in toto. After performing special puja/ceremonies or otherwise, any items (e.g.  picture of deity, puja related materials, pots, pans, etc.) must not be left in the premises.